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Employee Handbook

Our Team

James Pfaff

James Pfaff has a diverse 20 year career in construction and wall panel design. In 1999 he started working for a wall panel company that used a calculator, scale and the blue prints to build wall panels. An opportunity presented itself and with the knowledge gained in high school he convinced the owner that he could design wall panels using AutoCad. This turned out to be a huge success for both the company and James.

In 2005 he started Pfaff Contracting & Design to build houses with his brother and took 1 year off from wall panel design. 2006 he started designing wall panels again for his former employer, while continuing to build houses with his brother. His 8 years of hands on framing, siding, roofing, and finish work has improved his skills in wall panel design. James has designed wall panels for more than 23+ million Sq/Ft of residential space.

Greg Norvell

Greg found his niche in the Wall Panel Industry in 1992.

His experience in production of residential and commercial building gave him the opportunity to expand his experience into pre-engineered wall components. For the last 28 years Greg has been building and shipping complete panelized homes and apartment buildings to Alaska, Japan and the Greater Seattle Area. What in today's world is the most energy efficient and cost effective Green way to build in our urban cities.

His dedication to quality work, excellent managerial skills and the ability to complete projects timely and on budget is an asset to our company. He is a flexible team player who puts our company, clients, and employees first.

Julia Pfaff

Julia is our office Manager, and is dedicated to making Sound Building Components a safe and welcoming environment where employees are proud of the work they accomplish.